NGS Analysis Collab.

Procedure for NGS analysis collaboration (The PDF is downloadable here)

  1. [For fisrt-time users] A preliminary meeting to set up the NGS analysis plan is required.
    If you haven’t had this meeting yet, please contact us in advance by email to schedule it from here.
  2. Preparation and submission of your samples and request form
    For Single Cell analysis, please click here 
    • Analysis request form
      Please download the latest version of the analysis request form and fill it out.
    • Sample preparation
      The type of tube does not matter.
      To prevent mistakes when receiving the sample, please clearly write the sample name on the tube according to what it is on the request form.
      Please make sure to close the lid tightly to prevent leakage.
    • Submission
      You can either bring the sample and form directly or send them through mail.
      Please make sure to have a reservation on the site before bringing the samples or sending them.
      At that time, please make sure to enclose the form with the samples.
      Click here to make a reservation
  3. Analysis
    The initial quality check of the samples will be carried out within one week of reception.
    We won’t contact you unless there is a problem during this quality check.
    The analysis will be completed in about one month from the quality check.
  4. Delivery
    The person in charge of your analysis will send you an analysis report along the set of resulting data by email.
    ※In the case of human genome analysis (especially exome analysis) the data will be delivered to you on an external drive.
  5. Billing and payment
    A detailed summary of the fees for the items included in the analysis request form will be sent by email to your administrative staff.  
    • For companies or other universities
      After confirmation of the fees, an invoice will be sent to you address.
      ※If you need a written estimate, please let us know beforehand.